The Health & Sustainable Development Foundation (FOSAD) chose the 'health for all'.

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  • Health & Sustainable Development Foundation.
  • Center of Excellence for Training Research on Malaria & Priority Diseases in Guinea (Conakry).
  • Fosad- Ceforpag The Framework of a New Public-Private Partnership.

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Fields of Activities

Training and Research Centre

Through training, stakeholders are better informed of the principles and good practices to fight against diseases and aspire to a healthy environment.

Polyclinics and analysis laboratories

Polyclinic Communataire Modern Kéitaya and other being planned aim to develop research and improve the level of health care coverage.

Vocational Schools and Centres

The foundation sets up qualifying training structures to use this labor in its many projects and promote self employment.

Community cooperatives and mutuals

To better protect the interests of farmers and herders, the FOSAD working with them to help them gather around agricultural cooperatives and mutuals.

Agro-Pastoral Farms

We work to develop agro-pastoral production units to absorb skilled labor and increase the domestic supply of agricultural products.

Manufacturing units, testing and evaluation

Setting up structures that we allow in the medium term to manufacture, test, and evaluate locally medications to improve access to lower-cost care.